Testimonials for Barbara Swift’s Life Coaching & Shamanic Healing

It is truly remarkable how much energy, optimism and enjoyment I now derive from my daily activities...

This is a testimonial to the two recent shamanic sessions I received from you in hopes of transforming my personal isolationist, anxiety-ridden behavior patterns. As you rightly pointed out, my “old self” is governed by my interactions with my abusive, alcoholic father, which generated patterns of avoidance behavior, isolationism, and alcoholic self—destruction. With your assistance and your shaman treatments, I have embarked on a journey governed by my new totem, the wolf, and the integration of an earlier youth self who was in tune with the natural environment surrounding him, free from the trappings of the alcoholic self.

I am now approaching my personal and professional relationships with newly found vigor and optimism, free of anxiety and the desire to isolate. It is truly remarkable how much energy, optimism and enjoyment I now derive from my daily activities, and I ascribe this exclusively to the healing sessions I received from you.

I highly recommend your treatments to anyone who is sincerely interested in transforming their “old self” into a new one, free of the old behavior patterns governed by the damaging, negative reinforcement one received in early childhood.


I did go into this with skepticism, but I was made a believer.

My shamanic healing experience has been profound. I was not sure what to expect, but I was not going to judge what was to happen or how I was going to grow from the event. Part of me felt silly doing this type of healing practice, but, I decided I was not putting a negative spin on it and I was going to “go for it” with all my heart.

While undergoing the healing, I felt deep emotional release. Visions of painful childhood experiences went flashing across my mind. Then, what felt like a whirlpool of energy lifted them out of me and away. The results from this healing unfolded slowly, over time. I noticed that I was not bothered by particular situations or people. Certain emotional triggers were gone. I felt lighter, so to speak, after time. Old beliefs and handicaps I have carried with me were removed. I was free.

Barbara made me feel safe, protected and loved. She carried me through two healing sessions. Each time I felt supported and uplifted. I did go into this with skepticism, but I was made a believer.

Registered Nurse

My dear friend Barbara offered to do a healing session for my foot...

For two years I walked around on a broken foot that wouldn’t heal, after having had two major reconstructive surgeries. The ankle bone refused to fuse. Every three months I had an X-ray, and nothing changed at all. My outstanding orthopedic surgeon, for whom I had great love and respect, was pretty devastated by the outcome, and, with caring and compassion, told me that it just wasn’t going to heal. She said she could try stem cell treatment but it would likely fuse the ankle in place, and there would be no range of motion. I decided against that and walked around, first on Vicodin, then Motrin, in pain, limping my way through work and life. I wasn’t able to do the things I love, like walking in nature, hiking, playing with my grandbaby.

My dear friend Barbara offered to do a healing session for my foot, and for the healing of painful, old emotional wounds. At first, because I had never been exposed to the concept of energy healing, I felt skeptical, yet at the same time a little excited about what this could possibly do. After two energy healing sessions with Barbara, I felt better and lighter emotionally; and 5 weeks later, I realized I was no longer having daily foot pain, wasn’t taking any medication, and was walking without a limp. I went back to my surgeon, she did an X-ray of my foot, and she said the bone looked completely healed, and said she didn’t have any explanation for it.

I’m so grateful to have my foot and my life back, and to be able to do the things I love. I realize, too, that I had been crippled not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. When I released the emotional pain of the past, it made space for healing all of me.

Darla Villa
Hospital Activity Planner/Social Services/Subacute Care

Barbara brings her healing gifts to the world through her coaching

Barbara brings her healing gifts to the world through her coaching, her shamanic healing work, and her very essence of being. She is a deeply insightful, intelligent, courageous, gifted and wise healer, and agent of change.

When I worked with Barbara, as she held sacred space, within minutes I experienced such deep insights, clear seeing and fast transformation around my issue. I could palpate the energetic shifts and the healing taking place within me.

Barbara is so connected with the sacred in her work, it was as if she were able to simply open the gate for me to walk through, and my healing and shifting were immediately available to me.

Not only does Barbara have her finger on the pulse of what is required to attain extreme health – whether it be with diet and nutritional changes, energy medicine, or more conventional approaches – she is engaged in the world in a way that speaks to her wisdom and integrity.

It is truly a gift to work with Barbara – and I highly recommend her as a practitioner of health and healing.

Barbara is a ruthlessly compassionate, loving, perfectly imperfect, and relentless truth seeker...

...with an unquenchable thirst for living an inspired, joy-filled, beautiful life. She made it feel safe to share my darkest parts and did not hesitate to tell me like it is with a salty blend of humor and utmost compassion for my human condition. If healing is what you seek: Run…do not walk towards Barbara Swift. She also loves pachyderms which makes her infinitely more qualified to help humans.

An expert at healing the body/mind/spirit, with dignity and grace.

Barbara's expansive knowledge of conventional Western medicine, laced with concise and intuitive understanding of the human energy field, allows her to be an expert at healing the body/mind/spirit, with dignity and grace. My relationship with Barbara both as a colleague and client of hers reinforces my belief she is capable of any healing challenge.

Judith A. Mostyn, M.S.
Certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer and Life Coach

Barbara is a wise woman, spiritual guide, deeply insightful soul

...and powerful (I mean really powerful) healer, all wrapped into one. If you want to get from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be, get a session with her. She has an uncanny ability to draw from dozens of healing modalities and blend together just the right combination to help you finally make that big shift you've been wanting. If there is such a thing as a healing genius, she is certainly one of them.

I was stuck in self-doubt and negative self talk

...with a relentless critical voice in my head, as far back as I can remember. After years of various therapies, I came to Barbara to try energy healing. I have been propelled into a whole new experience of authenticity. I now say what I mean, mean what I say and show up fully in my life. Barbara created a safe and sacred space fo rme to transform the deepest, darkest places within myself into power, light, and joy.


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