Lessons from a Rosemary Bush


This year one of the things I want to do is to become even more deeply engaged with the natural world, really listening from that place inside that is not the chattering mind.  My mind, my monkey mind, is always so busy:  labeling, analyzing, judging, fixing, wondering, remembering (sometimes not so well!), planning, retorting, comparing, blithering…on and on and on and on.

What stops my mind in its tracks is the beauty all around me — a red-tailed hawk screeching and soaring, a group of pelicans flying past the bluffs by the ocean, a whale spouting, a baby laughing, a magnificent sunset, the LA city lights sparkling on a clear night…and when I sit quietly and ask, I actually get answers from the earth, the stones, the plants, the animals.  All that is needed is a simple yet profound shift, into a different perceptual state; a shift from ordinary reality to non-ordinary reality, a shamanic journey of sorts.  The non-ordinary, non-physical world is infinitely fascinating and informative and beautiful.


As a plant person, and a lover of herbal medicine, I had a little conversation with a large rosemary plant out in Joshua Tree last October.  This is what I learned from her:


“I am fragrant, soft and yielding on a strong frame.  I produce delicate lavender flowers which cascade over rock walls, and I thrive in the brightest of light, extremes of heat and cold.  I provide sweetness, my nectar nourishes the bees and from it honey is made. I am a compassionate, nurturing reliable presence, softening the harshest of conditions.  I am giving, I have a generosity of Spirit.

I am Medicine Woman.
I am the pure white light of the Divine Feminine.

My message to you is this:

‘We are sisters.  There is need for strong, pungent medicine.  Bring it, you have it.  Serve, let others drink from your medicine.  Be in stillness.  Listen to the inner voice, as it is true.'”

Pretty great advice from the humble Rosemary.

So I will switch stations like a radio–tune out chatter, tune in to the beautiful, soul music of Nature!

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