Honoring Water

IMG_2376In July I went on the most amazing, awe-inspiring, spirit-filled adventure to Peru with fellow pilgrims on the shamanic path.  It is simply impossible to put the experience into words.  There were visits to ancient, sacred sites, trekking to 15,000 feet and camping out at the foot of Apu Ausangate, llamas and alpacas, ceremonies, healings, beautiful textiles, delicious meals, rites of passage, and the most loving, fun, dedicated, inspiring tribe of people I’ve ever experienced!

The indigenous people from the Sacred Valley and the Andes mountains are connected to the land in the deepest, most profound way.  So when we returned home, we were inspired to create a global movement to honor, bless, and heal the waters of the world, and return the cycles of water to harmony and balance.


Honor the Waters was born.

From the brand new website, here is a short introduction ~

“Honor the Waters was conceived in July 2014 when twenty-four people from North and South America and Europe traveled together to the Peruvian Andes. Jose Luis Herrera, founder of the Andean Research Institute, led our group. We visited sacred sites, including Ausangate mountain, seeking answers as to how we (individually and collectively) could have a greater impact on shifting the direction our planet is headed.

On this trip, we fully awakened to the importance of our waters, not only for our survival but also for the peace, joy, and fulfillment of our world. We could clearly see our interrelationship with water and our role in protecting it. We were called to share our vision and to take action in caring for the planet’s waters – from the vastest oceans to the smallest human cells.”


There will be a global event on September 21, the day of the fall equinox.  Wherever you are, in whatever way you choose, please join us in ceremony to honor our most precious resource!  There is lots of information on ceremony on the Honor the Waters website.


I will be hosting a local gathering at Abalone Cove, on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  We will be making a traditional despacho, filled with leaves and flowers infused with our prayerful intent, just like the one pictured above that we made on a sacred lagoon in Peru.  If you live nearby, please join us September 21 at 2:30 PM, near the tide pools at Abalone Cove.  http://www.pvplc.org/_lands/abalone_cove.asp

If you are on Facebook, here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/events/555421011231164/

Meanwhile, each and every day we can all honor water by practicing conservation and offering our deepest gratitude for the elixir of life that freely flows from the faucets in our homes here in North America and Europe, never taking this miracle for granted!

From the tribe, cheers to the waters ~



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